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About Banyumas Tourism Council


Banyumas tourism board is a accumulation of anticipate acknowledge that amenable for bearing some account to advance tourism sector. As a non accumulation academy out ancillary the government system, Banyumas Tourism Board is abutting tourism acreage with the government. Its aswell becomes a accomplice for advance field.

Since accustomed in 1957, Dewan Tourisme Indonesia again afflicted became Indonesia Tourism Council (Depari), believes that tourism is one of the important area for Indonesia. Depari founding is Sri Sultan Hamengkubuono IX and carnality admiral M Hatta. They accept that Indonesian economical should be animate with tourism sector. In the Sukarno’s aeon the aboriginal Indonesian president, Depari aswell complex to captivated several affairs such as Asia Africa Conference.

Depari Banyumas has amends to plan with government resolution letter of average java arena (Propinsi Jawa Tengah ) back June 26 2007. The aeon of administration alignment is alone three years for anniversary period. The associates of Depari are humans who accept abundant acquaintance and accommodation at the tourism field. They are academics, biking agent, and auberge administrator and restaurant, retired, aswell artist.

This website is a allotment of Depari programs to advice company to get complete information, about several places that able to appointment in Banyumas. We allure any advancement to anyone who has charge about tourism in Banyumas .


Japanese tourists top list of tourist arrivals to Bali


A absolute of 359,827 Japanese tourists visited Bali in 2008, accounting for 18.06 percent of the absolute amount of adopted tourists advancing to the resort island that year.

The amount of Japanese tourists visiting Bali endure year represented a 2.21 percent access from the year before, arch of the bounded statistics appointment Ida Komang Wisnu said on Tuesday.

Bali`s unique arts and culture as well as panoramic scenery served as special attractions for Japanese tourists to visit the world-renowned resort island, he said.

Data from the statistics office show Japan topped the list of countries in terms of foreign tourists coming to Bali last year.

Trailing behind Japan in the second place was Australia with 313,313 tourists, jumping 52.68 percent from the year before when the figure was recorded at 205,205.

South Korea came in third with 134,909 tourists (6.77 percent), followed by China 131,909 (6.59 percent), Taiwan 130,449 (6.55 percent), Malaysia 129,727 (6.51 percent), the United Kingdom 82,827 (4.16 percent), Germany 82,686 (4.15 percent) and France 77,379 (3.88 percent), and the United States 68,619 (3.44 percent).

The data also show the number of foreign tourists from other countries was recorded at 481,244, up 24.16 percent from a year earlier.




Kupat Tahu is a acceptable aliment from Banyumas. This actual acclaimed aliment already has aficionados from added cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang and Surabaya. Indonesians who accept backward continued in added country like US and Australia generally acknowledgment and yield their adopted accompany to eat at the abode area Kupat Tahu is the capital menu, "Kupat Tahu Banyumas".

The Kupat Tahu Banyumas is accustomed in 1956 by the backward Mr. Jawi as a avant-garde in this aliment business. Today his daughter, Mrs. Rati, continues to administer the abode which is aswell alleged "Kupat Tahu Banyumas Ibu Rati". It is anchored on Kulon Sodagaran Street, Banyumas City (Central Java), with operating hour from 11 a.m. until 15 p.m.. Charging alone Rp.3000 per portion, Mrs. Rati can advertise up to 100 portions everyday.

The capacity acclimated at Kupat Tahu Banyumas are absurd soybean, adolescent bean sprouts, aflame rice, onion, garlic, chilly, sugar, water, mendoan (tempe cracker) and kerupuk mie (noodle cracker). So if you appear to Banyumas, bethink to appointment and adore Kupat Tahu Banyumas.

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Banyumas Food


Banyumas Food

As abounding Indonesian region, Banyumas has its own adorable and alien food. The acclaimed and awfully accessible in the arena is soto ayam (chicken soup) with its acclaimed area in Sokaraja, 5 km in the bend of Purwokerto township. Especially in the blithe division of Iedul Fitri, if abounding Banyumas humans about Indonesia traveling to their hometown, they chain all the way just to aftertaste the acclaimed soto ayam. The a lot of acclaimed soto ayam restaurant is Soto Kecik Asli, this one is absolutely appropriate and with alone about Rp 1000 or 20 cent you can aftertaste the potfull of adorable craven soup.

If you appointment Purwokerto, and you wish to try these appropriate food, do not even try to aftertaste big restaurant because sometimes they aftertaste abominable and actual awful priced. It is appropriate to try the baby restaurant (warung) or even artery trader, back they are boilerplate Indonesian baby humans with low assets and you can advice them a lot and even you can still aftertaste the appreciably admirable food.

Gudeg Purwokerto

Gudeg commonly referred to original food from Yogyakarta, but Purwokerto also has special derivative of gudeg. The most tasteful gudeg Purwokerto sold in traditional market Pasar Manis (Jalan Gatot Subroto) from around 7am and will be sold out around 10am. This gudeg Purwokerto, consists of several mixture: chicken, eggs, tahu and krecek depend on your selection, can be conveniently brown-bagged to be eat at home.


Bakso is a variant of the noodle soup with meat ball, and good for an afternoon snack time. The humble famous bakso restaurant located on Jalan A. Yani IV known as Bakso Ahmad Yani, always taste yummy. Other location are : Jalan Pereng, Bakso Pak Slamet Jalan Bank and warung bakso inside Pasar Cerme.

Soto (Chicken Soup)

In the Purwokerto townhip itself, many famous soto ayam restaurant vastly available. The famous string of warung soto are in Jalan Bank (currently called Jalan R.A. Wiriaatmaja) called Soto Jalan Bank and Soto Sungeb. Both warung soto promise the delightful taste of original soto of Purwokerto. If you want to taste the really exotic taste, you should try Soto Kebondalem, a small restaurant (warung soto) just near the old Terminal (behind Rita supermarket). Many local favorite street trader of soto ayam in Jalan Masjid and Alun-alun also waiting at night time for crowd to enjoy. When you finished half of your soto, be prepared to order another bowl of soto, so you can continuously enjoy without waiting.

Sate Kambing

The second famous food is sate kambing (small dice-lamb barbecue). Their great restaurant location is in Banaran locally known as special sate banaran (in the western of Purwokerto township). The classic and hip sate kambing still conveniently located in Jalan Masjid. For people who likes fatty sate and gule kambing, the warung sate east of old Srimaya theatre is a must.

Mendoan and Keripik

The original food of Purwokerto is mendoan, a half-fried tempe and tasted wonderful with hot mexican chilli. If mendoan is fully fried called keripik. Sometimes, Purwokerto also known as kota keripik or city of keripik. Because it is virtually difficult to find original keripik anywhere outside Purwokerto. Currently, the tasteful mendoan and keripik sold by Chinese shop in Jalan Letjen Suprapto. Achmad Kuswanda is the leading national businessman in Purwokerto who sell keripik and mendoan seriously.


Dage is special Banyumas food as a variant of tempe with mixture of coconut materials. Dage usually eaten as snack or breakfast accompanied by small hot chilli (cabe rawit). This food commonly sold as fried dage along with fried banana (gedhang goreng), and fried sweet potatoes (munthul goreng). Those food are taste exotic.


Ranjem is traditional food that currently losing its customer. It is very difficult to find ranjem in Purwokerto, and mostly sold in its suburb only during early morning market.

Tempe Bongkrek

Banyumas commonly infamously known as the land of tempe bongkrek, since many Banyumas people fond to consume tempe bongkrek. Tempe bongkrek commonly consumed by low-income people because of lower price compared to original tempe. Tempe is produced from fermented soybean while bongkrek from coconut's residue. The bongkrek, if not treated carefully, can be harmful and deadly poisonous. Many Banyumas people killed because of tempe bongkrek, therefore tempe bongkrek currently not allowed to be sold.


Cimplung is very special food from boiled cassava and dipped to sauce of melted brown sugar. The cassava (budin or boled) is cut into 2x2 cm pieces first then boiled.


In the early morning (subuh), it is worth to search an old woman (mbok-mbok) who sold serabi in Jalan Bank. The taste of her serabi is unforgettable and famous too. Sometimes, the queue formed just to taste the serabi in the morning. Her serabi will be sold out just around 7 to 8am. Another serabi seller at front of traditional market Pasar Manis also available from 6 to 12am.

Gethuk Sokaraja

Gethuk is the specialty snack food that looks like small balls with very sweet taste, sold mainly in Sokaraja village southeast of Purwokerto. Because most of the shops in Sokaraja sell gethuk, Sokaraja known as the city of gethuk (kota gethuk). Gethuk sold as raw mixture food that can readily to be eaten or commonly sold as fried gethuk.


Legen is sweet drink that obtained from the extract of coconut's flower. The farmer usually climb the coconut tree and get extract of coconut's flower by cutting the coconut's flower and put a long bamboo container to collect it. Legen taste very sweet and can be processed further to make brown sugar. Legen commonly only available on the sprawling village around Banyumas region directly sold by the coconut's farmers.



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