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Cibodas Botanical Garden


Cibodas Botanic Garden has a long and important history of research and conservation. The early history of Cibodas Botanic Garden is also the early history of what is now one of Indonesia's most significant National Parks and a World Heritage Area, Mt Gede-Pangrango National Park. Cibodas is renowned as one of the first tropical research stations in the world, and numerous scientists have used the station for their research on tropical rainforests.
Cibodas Park"If there were still a paradise on earth, a part of it would be Cibodas", so said Dr. Frist W. Went, a Dutch plant physiologist , when he described his rapture of Cibodas Botanical Garden.

Dr. Frits W. Wents description must have been right. The Beauty of Cibodas Botanical Garden is really beyond description. There are Spectacular meadows and deep groves of trees.

The 80 - hectares Cibodas Botanical Garden is located down the slopes of Gede Pangrango Mount and has been well known for its tourist attractions. It is so beautiful that it is called " A Paradise in Asia " There is a collection of hundreds of trees with different types and ages. There have been about 5,831 example plants out of 1,206 varieties existing here so

As one of gates to climb Gede Pangrango Mount, Cibodas, botanical garden was visited not less than 400,000 visitors per year. Some interest places, which often visited such as green house, Arnucarua Avenue, Cibodas waterfall and landscape location with spring water. At green house, places 4000 kinds of cactus from 350 varieties and 360 orchids.

Cibodas Botanical garden is located at Rarahan village, Cimacan Cianjur. The distance is about 85 km from Jakarta or about 90 minutes tour through Bogor Puncak Cianjur main road.

They said the opening of Cibodas Botanical garden was connected to the history of coming quinine to Indonesia. At first, a Dutch Botanist Johannes Elias Teysman wanted to plant it this area, but the land did not suitable for quinine growing. Finally, he decided to plant the seeds in Pangalengan, West Java. The date of coming the seed of quinine at, April 11, 1852, stated as Cibodas Botanical garden anniversary.


Ujung Kulon National Park


Ujung Kulon National Park is the first national park, founded in Indonesia. The park (80,000 ha) lies on a peninsula in south-west Java and includes the islands Pulau Peucang, Pulau Panaitan and the Krakatau archipelago. On 1 February, 1992, the Proposed Ujung Kulon National Park complex and the Krakatau Islands Nature Reserve were declared a World Heritage Site. The borders on the north, south and west side of Ujung Kulon are made up by the Indian Ocean. The Honje mountain range, including the highest point of the park Gunung Honje (620 m), forms the eastern border. The Indian Ocean is the main access route. It includes the volcanic island group of Krakatoa and other islands including Handeuleum and Peucang. The park encompasses an area of 1,206 km² (443 km² marine), most of which lies on a peninsula reaching into the Indian Ocean

Ujung Kulon National Park is the first national park, founded in Indonesia. The park (80,000 ha) lies on a peninsula in south-west Java and includes the islands Pulau Peucang, Pulau Panaitan and the Krakatau archipelago. On 1 February, 1992, the Proposed Ujung Kulon National Park complex and the Krakatau Islands Nature Reserve were declared a World Heritage Site. The borders on the north, south and west side of Ujung Kulon are made up by the Indian Ocean. The Honje mountain range, including the highest point of the park Gunung Honje (620 m), forms the eastern border. The Indian Ocean is the main access route. It includes the volcanic island group of Krakatoa and other islands including Handeuleum and Peucang. The park encompasses an area of 1,206 km² (443 km² marine), most of which lies on a peninsula reaching into the Indian Ocean

Baturraden mountain resort, a jewel in Indonesia eco-tourism


As Indonesians breathe a sigh of relief after a barrage of warnings of eruptions from the country's most active volcanoes, Baturraden resort at the foot of Mount Slamet in central Java remains calm and shines as an eco-tourism jewel.

Mount Slamet or Gunung Slamet in Indonesian, is an active volcano and the second-highest peak on Java island, reaching 3,428 metres above sea level.

The resort itself was established in 1979, and is surrounded by beautiful green gardens, hot springs, ponds and bungalow-style hotels 650 metres up the slopes. As we indulge ourselves with the harmonic surroundings of a vast pine forest and green valley, we can also dip our feet in the cold spring water running through the middle of the resort.

'It's such a great place to breathe fresh, clean air for me and my family,' said Widyanarti, 32, a mother who came all the way from Jakarta and who goes by a single name.

'You don't get this kind of weather in the polluted cities such as Jakarta,' she said, adding that the resort is also a perfect place for children to learn about nature and the importance of preserving it.

The cool mountain breezes are a special draw for domestic and international visitors, and the resort caters to all. Admission is only 3,000 Rupiah or 0.30 cents. It opens daily from 5:30 am and closes around midnight.

Baturraden is also a well-known spot to spend a day trekking through its splendid natural forest and villages. Always green, blanketed with a light misty air, the area is blessed with an abundance of natural water resources spouting in numerous waterfalls and rivers, which flow between the huge boulders of hardened lava.

'Baturraden has been a great example of how a mountainous area can be managed as a potential asset for eco-tourism,' Indriyani, a programme manager at Indecon, a non-governmental organization specializing in the expansion of eco-tourism in Indonesia, said.

Destination: Baturraden mountain resort located near Purwokerto city in central Java, Indonesia.
Climate and best time to travel: Tropical country, best time is in the dry season between March to October.

How to get there: Seven to nine hours drive from Jakarta by car, bus or train. Bus ticket costs around 40,000 Rupiah with AC (about 5 dollars) or by executive train with AC is 190,000 Rupiah (about 20 dollars).

Pangandaran beach redicovers its charm


In the months after a tsunami devastated the Pangandaran coast, the white sand beach in West Java was deserted.

Now, almost three years later, the area in Ciamis regency bears little trace of the disaster; hotels, entertainment venues and markets are lively again, especially during holiday periods.

Indeed, the number of visitors to the beach has increased by 70 percent since then, according to the head of the South Ciamis tourism office's technical management unit, Haryono. "Our target in 2009 is for a full recovery," he said.

Many NGOs and community groups lent a helping hand to clean up the devastation left in the wake of the tidal wave, restoring the beach to its previous beauty.

"In the morning, visitors can watch the sunrise from the east part of the beach and in the afternoon they can watch the sunset on the west side," Haryono said.

Another attraction is the nearby Pananjung forest, home to scores of tame monkeys that will come close if tempted with peanuts but tend to behave themselvesas long as they're not touched.

"At first I was afraid but after giving them peanuts, they didn't bother me. They're funny, especially the small ones," said Hesti, 35, a tourist from the nearby town of Banyumas.

Tourists can also visit a marine park, reached by farmer's boat for Rp 75,000 (US$7) per boat.

In the marine park, about one kilometer from the beach, tourists can view the colorful coral and rock from the boat. Those wanting more adventure can ask to sail further out to sea, cutting through the high waves, a trip that "is very exciting...," according to Lilik Dharmawan, a visitor from Purwokerto.

For a longer if tamer boat ride, visitors can head to the Green Canyon River, named for its green water, which has great stalactites and stalagmites.

Tourists also can take in the sight of sea waves from Batu Hiu beach - named after the nearby stone that resembles a shark (hiu).

With these attractions and the tsunami a fading memory, crowds of domestic and international tourists are returning to the beach; 10 percent of tourists are from overseas, according to Haryono.

Around 300,000 people visited Pangandaran in 2007, he said. There were 400,000 visitors in 2008 by November. year, we have a target to show that we have fully recovered, attracting more than 500,000 people, back to the way it was before the tsunami."




Story or history related to name of Baturaden there is two version, that is version of Kadipaten Kutaliman and version of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi.

Baturaden come from two word that is ‘Batur’ which in Ianguage of Java mean Assistant, Hill or Friend and ‘Raden’ which in Ianguage also mean Nob. Seen from its words formation, the name of Baturaden consist of word :

a. Batur - Radin, with the meaning plain

b. Batur - Adi, with the meaning beautiful land; ground

Two kinds of the name non something name of selfsupporting without there is its bearing with other region as long as mountain side of Slamet of west direction easterly until Diengplateau (plateau of Dieng). About/Around Baturaden also there are some name of early with word ‘Batur’, like Batur Agung, Batur Golek, Batur Semende, Batur Sengkala, Batur Macan, Batur Duwur, Batur Wadas Galengan and of Batur Begalan.

Kadipaten Kutaliman Version

At hundreds of year ago it is said there are a Kadipaten ‘Kutaliman’ located 10 km westside Baturaden. Its Duke have some daughter and a gamel (ministrant which take care of horse). One of the its daughter fall in love with gamel. Their love is done behind back. After hearing news, that its daughter fall in love with its assistant, the angry Duke and dissipate gamel and daughter from home. Journey of him bear baby at elbow river, later; then they name river of Kaliputra. (Kali; its mean River and of Putra mean boy). Its situation about three kilometre Northside Kutaliman. Finally they find beautiful place and set mind on to live in place which is now recognized by the name of ‘Baturaden’. Pursuant to the first version come from word ‘Batur’ and ‘Raden’ becoming ‘BATURRADEN’.

Sheikh Maulana Maghribi Version

It is said in Rum state have, throne to so called Prince of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi come from Turki embracing him and Islam is a moslem scholar. At break of day rise, after he doing its obligation as moslem people, seen by mysterious light he shine eastside boost high in space. Impel by feeling wish to know place where from that mysterious light come and mean from light, hence arising and intention of mean strong in its feeling and look for such place. A its so called friend of Haji Datuk called and commanded so that all hulubalang and its its his prepare armada with all its supply to bear up for up at coming of mysterious light. Hence, leaving the Prince together with its friend 298 (with two hundreds ninety eight) its follower people ford ocean head for seen of that light shine during 40 night.

Later; then until eastern most them a so called island of Java. As for place where them throw away famous anchor these days by the name of Coast of Gresik. Though they have old go through journey full of grief and difficulties and also face all kinds dangerous, they not yet reached what becoming aspiration or target him because the mysterious light see west side. At one time seen again light that is searching of west side and they take decision return up at west by going through road; street in Java sea in coast of Pemalang Central Java, where them anchor at the same time simply releasing fatigue. This place Sheikh of Maulana Maghribi ask all its armada to go come home to its country, while Sheikh of Maulana Maghribi accompanied by Haji Datuk and temporarily live on the ground.

Because them have trust to the God, they is soul head by occult strength which the no extinct visit and decision of liver will continue its journey by way of foot/feet head for South at the same time propagate Islam. Of their southwards Pemalang fringe wilderness without recognizing faced danger it because interesting mysterious light ray which now seen in the East go out to sea. Linking that gone through band it tire out, hence them stop over to discharge its fatigue at the same time plung in thought to feel its journey story and also its burdensome obligation on the shoulder to overspread Islam. Place where them rest in a condition of minds (feelings and planning) fulfilling its heartstrings is called ‘Paduraksa’ with the meaning quarreling in a heart or feel.

From that place they continue its journey to south again and until they are bush in forest and to discharge its fatigue of them stop by above bollard of randu which fall down and place they give name ‘Randudongkal’. Its place of him, light still looked to be in north-east and they continue its, him go to mentioned light direction. And before them until to the place becoming its target of them stop for rested elbow in sendang (pool) to conduct religious service of Sholat and after the place called ‘Belik’. Having taken steps of Sholat, hence journey distribute to east direction and until an place where there are a lot of amethyst and the in place they rest again at the same time think of they how to earn to reach place domicile light which the light searching because of seen at the top of Mount. Place where them rest and there are a lot of that amethyst is called ‘Watu Kumpul’.

Because its strong intention, that climb done till finally until they in place gone to. seen by them a hermit leaning x'self at one tree of Jambu releasing light glittering to boost high to space. Slow Sheikh Maulana Maghribi and Haji Datuk of going to the place atthe same time and say ‘Assalamu'Alaikum’, but is unanswered of him by the ascetic though berulangkali said. After in the reality its greeting do not get answer, hence Haji Datuk say at Sheikh Maulana Maghribi. ‘Presumably that hermit is a Budha’. Hearing the word, the that ascetic then answer : ‘In fact I a Miraculous Budha'. Hearing miraculous words hence Sheikh of Maulana Maghribi apply to followed religion of Budha mentioned, that he wish to see or witness its miracle, hence taken its head cover which in the form of that cap can fly in space. Sheikh of Maulana Magribi pertained one who have miracle and pushed by feeling to wish to make balance to miracle the that hermit, then discharge its clothes and thrown to to the, in the reality the clothes can fly on the air and always close over cap the hermit designating that its miracle more pre-eminent of miracle of that Budhism, but he not yet will surender and still will look on again its extant cleverness compile sky-high egg. See the the situation above Sheikh of Maulana Magribi surprise, but that way he do not want to be defeated off hand, hence quietly commanded to the hermit expecting him to will take that egg one by one from under without there is which fall. In the reality that hermit do not ready to conduct him, because the hermit have really do not conduct the mentioned, Sheikh Maulana Maghribi take mentioned egg heap started from under till finish without there is no one which fall.

Sheikh Maulana Maghribi still feel satisfied and still continue its struggle again by showing fertilization of pots contain water boost highly is. At last, Sheikh Maulana Maghribi say : 'Take that pots one after another from under without falled there'. After in the reality there no readyness from the hermit, hence he alone doing it and that last pot break and its water shine to all angle.

Finally the hermit confessing 'Jambu Karang' (the name come from its arm rest tree, that is one tree of jambu where around him there are amethyst) knuckling under and also promise to to embrace Islam. The promise accepted by Sheikh Maulan Maghribi and of Jambu Karang commanded to get a haircut and its nail and hereinafter buried in ‘Penungkulan’ (place where the hermit knuckle under). At later; then done by hallowing ceremony with water of zam-zam brought by Haji Datuk of Holy Land; Ground of comand of Sheikh Maulana Maghribi by utilizing place of bamboo (roof). After hallowing ceremony finish, roof comprise the rest of water leaned at tree of waru, remain to because less careful leaning him hence crumpling mentioned roof and break so that irrigate the remains interspersed and the in place it is said people say becoming wellspring which do not know to run dry season.

After hermit in sanctifiesing to be a Islam, hence its name is turned into 'Sheikh Jambu Karang’. Later; then Sheikh Jambu Karang will get wejangan (ba'it), he show an compatible place and suited for ceremony of ba'it the that is above hill 'Kraton'. Momentary after Sheikh Jambu Karang accept wejangan, go down torrential rains accompanied with storm resulting trees around that place subdue its boughs like is respecting Mount of Kraton that is place where Sheikh Maulana Maghribi is giving wejangan Sheikh Jambu Karang (membai'at) become a Moslem. According to its saga, Sheikh Jambu Karang have a daughter called 'Rubiah Bhakti''Atas Angin’. Of its marriage degrade five boys and girls people, that is : married by Sheikh Maulana Maghribi, after Sheikh Jambu Karang become a Moslem with dowry in the form of gold from land of jawa. After wife of daughter Sheikh of Jambu Karang, Sheikh Maulana Maghribi have change name become

1. Makdum Kusen (mausoleum in Rajawana)

2. Makdum Medem (mausoleum di Cirebon)

3. Makdum Umar (mausoleum diKarimun Java)

4. Makdum (disappearing or murca)

5. Makdum Sekar (mausoleum in Mount of Jembangan)

Sheikh Jambu Karang remain to live in Mount of Kraton and after pass awaying to be buried and its funeral place is referred as 'Gunung Munggul' (highest top in that area).

Sheikh Maulana Maghribi famous with 'Mbah Atas Angin' during fourty five year live somewhere or so called hamlet 'Banjar Cahayana' (possible the place in inhabited after finding its light). Place of Mbah Atas Angin suffer from pruritis which is hard to be healed. This matter generate concern accompanied pleadingly to God so that given by blessing and also benediction protected from its disease.

After Sholat Tahajud, he get Idea that he have to go to mount ‘Gora’ where is will get sure cure to heal its disease. Later; then time in the morning of Shubuh Mbah Atas Angin with Haji Datuk go up at daytime and west until they are in mountainside of Gora. After reaching mountainside of Gora his ask Haji Datuk to leaving him and rest at the same time await in place which level off, because Mbah Atas Angin will continue its road; street up at an place which smoke condensing. In the reality there is source of hot water and Sheikh Maulana Maghribi beginning of mention it 'Pancuran Pitu' with the meaning a hot water which have seven wellspring. Every day Sheikh Maulana Maghribi take a bath regularly on the ground, that way he get over itchy disease of him. After he climb prayer thank goodness and also say thanks of him he have been bestowed to get over illness which have suffering of. After he return peaceful to the place of Haji Datuk await, he say : Witness, I now quite better from my pain and have protected from grief. Here in after he is Mount change name of Gora that become 'Gunung Slamet'. Slamet in Javanese mean peacefully. During Sheikh Maulana Maghribi medicinize in Pancuran Pitu, Haji Datuk remain to and meekly await in place which showed initialy and it is to nicknamed 'Haji Datuk Rusuladi'. Rusuladi its mean 'Batur yang baik' (Adi), and it is said people say the place by its people around is now a days referred as with 'BATURRADEN'.


Baturraden known as tourism place or health resort of mountain since year 1928 owning cold atmosphere and tend to very cool with temperature 18°C-25°C. Baturraden located in side hillside south of Slamet with height 3.428 metres, representing mount have biggest fire and also the second highest mount in Java. Baturraden lay in height about 640 metres above sea level and apart only 14 km of downtown of Purwokerto attributed to adequate road. To reach garden of Baturraden tour place which located in Banyumas can use land transportation able to be conducted with various land transport : Train, Bus Between Province, Connective Town Intercity Bus in all Java especially the target of Jakarta, Bandung, Solo, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Semarang.

Purwokerto town represent capital of regency of Banyumas, Central Java. Sub-Province Regional Banyumas located in westside and represent the part of Province Central Java. Located in between east meridian 180° 39' 17" until 109° 27' 15" and among south latitude 7° 37' 10" meaning to reside in south cleft mark with lines equator.

Upstate Banyumas Sub-Province, namely Brebes Sub-Province, non irigated dry field, Pemalang, and Purbalingga, representing mountain area representing tip of North Serayu Hill. Highest Top ofis Slamet Mountain (3.428 metres dpl), beside there are other top like Kucing Mount I (1.520 metres) and Manis I Mount (2.163 metres). Hilly which there are part of west represent lengthening of Depresi Bandung in West Java. While mountain which there are southeast tip of west of South Serayu Hill, with its top Jampang Mountain (809 metres) in frontier with Banjarnegara Sub-Province.

Wide of Banyumas Sub-Province region about 1.327,60 km2 or equivalent by 132.759,56 ha. Boundary Banyumas Sub-Province, that is :

1. North : Slamet mount, Tegal Sub-Province and pemalang Sub-Province
2. South : Cilacap Sub-Province
3. West : Cilacap Sub-Province and Brebes Sub-Province
4. East : Purbalingga Sub-Province, Kebumen Sub-Province and Banjarnegara Sub-Province.

Location : Baturraden Tour Place

Lengger Sculpture

This sculpture depict dance of Lengger played by woman and man dancer (kakang - mbekayu). This dance is generally conducted onstage and accompanied by calung castanets.

Child Toy

Mini Cart

Pool Glide

Komidi Putar

Bath Ball

Kaloka Widya Mandala

Kaloka Widya Mandala Baturraden Park or Wisata Pendidikan Wanasuka Baturraden represent zoo at the same time as place of education tourism opened by Regent Regional Leader Mount II Banyumas H. Djoko Sudantoko on May 17, 1995. This place have got achievement that is Visit Indonesia Decade 1991 - 2000, Enthronement Tourism Award of Central Java and Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta in Semarang on August 23, 1996.

In Kaloka Widya Mandala Baturraden Park is assorted of animal coming from within and also abroad like : Australa, Asian and Holand. Like : Ox Cloister, Goat three feet, Elephant, (Buing), Irian Crocodile, Python, Kaswari, Monkey, Porcupine, Iguana, Cendrawasih, Bat, Bantam, Guinea Fowl, Orang Utan, Hawk Bondol, Deer. In this place also have Scarce Museum Animal, like : Sumatra Tiger, Bear Honey, and Tiger Bough.

Satria Cultural Podium

This podium represent place to demonstrate artistry exist in Baturraden nymph of music, dance and others

Monument 10

This monument represent monument in memory and respect sacrifice and devotion ten Brigade XVII, that is Darsono, Kusdarto, Utoyo, Abd. Mutholib, Djumerut, Mulyono, Sutoyo, Oloan Nasution, Kakeat Kusumo and Sukisno.

Gumawang River Waterfall

This waterfall located in Baturraden tour place steming from Slamet mountain with amethyst eroded by water which still experience

Botany Garden

Botany garden which located in Baturraden tour place represent place providing is multifarious of decorative plant, plant dwarf at the price of which reached as souvenir to all tourist, for example : Havana, Dewa Leaf, Brimulia, Keladi Tikus, Antarium Lipstick, Paris Palm, Tongue Elephant and Widoro Sea.

Petilasan or Baturraden Mausoleum

Petilasan located in Baturraden tour place representing ommission of mausoleum which until now assumed scared by Baturraden society.

Bicycle Water

Swimming Pool

Kamandaka Relief

Curug Gumawang

Dewi Ciptoroso and Prabu Pulebahas Sculpture

Location : Eastside Baturraden Tour Place

Telaga Sunyi

Telaga Sunyi located more or less 3,5 km in eastside Baturraden tour place. This recreation place present beautiful lake, having water to be chilled and very clear. At certain seasons can meet colourfully of dragonfly and butterfly which flying around lake.

Earth Encampment (Bumper)

Encampment earth of is including area of wanawisata located 2 km of Baturraden tour place. Wanawisata represent a location of presenting beautiful view of close green forest enough. This place represent very place suited for activity camp and tracking jungle. Also can enjoy by beauty natural forest provided with encampment able to accomodate 1000 tent. In this place also there are plant seed and preserve produce like fir tree, pine and others.

Location : Northside Baturraden Tour Place

Pancuran Pitu

Located 2,5 km of Baturraden tour place. Pancuran Pitu representing the source hot water of earth with temperature 60° - 70°C which is direct beam of hillside of Slamet mountain though Pancuran Pitu emit a stream wide of carpet forming brimstone bank with golden colour to Goa Sarabadak.

Goa Sarabadak

Tourist can enjoy freshness by cool and warm water in Goa Sarabadak, with golden colour stoney which amaze. That Goa represent meeting of located hot and cool water southside Pancuran Pitu.

Pancuran Telu

Pancuran Telu opened on 18 January 1987. This douche represent the source of pregnant hot water of brimstone with temperature 40°C. Besides its warm feeling also to overcome various skin disease and bone.

Panembahan or Petilasan Mbah Tapa Angin

Petilasan represent ommission of Mbah Tapa Angin which located in bevel of Slamet mountain nearby Pancuran Telu, assumed sacred by society with an evidence people of certain area at Monday night Kliwon and Friday night Kliwon have pilgrimage to more unique and the place of him again that is north area with still dress complete pass off its touring in Baturraden (Kirab).

Pool Bath Soak

Its location nearby Pancuran Telu, hence this pool also represent the source of pregnant hot water of brimstone with deepness 50 centimeter.

Location : Contrivance West of Baturraden Tour Place

Curug Gede

Located in countryside of Ketenger tour place, more or less 3 km of Baturraden tour place. In this place tourist can enjoy waterfall with natural beauty and stone plate.

Barricade DAM

Its situation in countryside of Ketenger tour place nearby Curug Gede. Barricade DAM Japan made in 1943 and renovated in 1999


Package of Wisata represent type of wisata residing in Baturraden managed by , PT. Natural Perhutani of Wisata (PALAWI), Unit work Baturraden which is have address in Road; Street Earth Encampment of Baturraden, Kemutug Lor, Baturraden, Sub-Province of Banyumas.

Package of Wisata, for example :

1. Cultural Wisata

Baturraden represent center culture of society of Banyumas with its. That Cultural Wisata for example : Grebeg Suran, Kenthongan and others.
2. Agro Wisata Serang

Agro Wisata Attack to represent agriculture wisata which located in eastside Baturraden lokawisata. Agro Wisata attack to represent alternative of berwisata to all tourist like : energy kindness of strawberry, radish energy kindness and fruit energy kindness of belimbing
3. Rural Wisata

In this place tourist invited to walk to trace footpath for beautiful enjoying of rural natural him with all aktifitas which still experience of by staying with genuiness of Banyumasan, like : traditional artistry in countryside of Ketenger, tapping nira, harvesting and others.
4. Wisata Education

This Wisata represent recognition of environment in area region of wanawisata Baturraden. Tourist join in in study directly in ranch area like : dairy cattle energy kindness, plowing up, shepherd parrot and plantation.
5. Package of Outbond

PT. PALAWI Unit work Baturraden in this time provide facility of Outbond Training Service and residing in area of wanawisata Baturraden. The Activity below/under experienced instructor tuition in and abroad with adequate facility and also open natural location which challange make Wanawisata Outbond Centre Service choice and of yng precise for the activity of Outbond.

This available activity various choice covering :

a. Outbond Kids, like : Flying Fox, Two Lino Bridge.
b. Fun Gamete, like : Every Body Up, Trust Fall, Sherpa Walk, Flying Fox, Raft Building, Stepping Stone, Tower Building, The Meuze, and Menggapai Star.
c. Outing
d. Family Gathering
e. Total of Outbond

Package of Tracking

Package of Tracking very compatible to tourist which like to venture on to enjoy natural beauty.


Grebeg Sura or Sedekah Bumi

Ceremony of Suran that is traditional ceremony executed earth alms at Syura 9 for the purpose of Tolak Bala by all kinds of like ruwat bumi, traditional ceremony party in ancestor mausoleum and others. Usually preceded with procession of kirap land product in the form of tapioca, rice, corn, and others, equiped also with tumpeng Panca Warna, Sanggabuana, Robyong and Kuat, after tumpeng besieged (mess together).


Kenthongan represent artistry of typical music of spread over in almost of Banyumas area. Kenthongan or tek-tek is made castanets of bamboo. Kenthong is appliance the core important, in the form of given by bamboo cutting is long hole side and played with beated with short wood stick. Kenthongan played in group which consist of 20 people and provided with bedug, flute, kecrek and led by mayoret. In one kenthongan grup, Kenthong weared by some kinds of yield harmonic sound.

Calung and Lengger

Calung is made castanets of athwart put down cutting bamboo and played by beated, consist of barung gambang, router gambang, dhendhem, kenong, and gong and kendang.

Lengger represent dance played by two women or more accompanied by calung. The middle of demonstrate to attend a dancer of men referred by badhud (clown / bodor).

Clothes Custom of Banyumas

Banyumas have traditional clothes very typically. At circle of wong cilik met by clothes like lancingan, wala bebed, pinjungan, iketan, nempean and others. As for at priyayi circle met by clothes of Beskap for the clan of man while Nyamping for the clan of woman.

Decorative Exhibition Plant

This exhibition represent additional exhibition which performed in Baturraden park tour place because execution time is not certain. Decorative exhibition plant with kinds of plant type, like plant of Havana, Dewa leaf, Palm of Paris and others.

Ebeg (Kuda Lumping)

Ebeg is traditional dance form typically Banyumas with especial property in the form of ebeg or kuda kepang. This artistry depict gallantry of cavalier with all its attraction and brought by 8 dancer man. In the demonstrate of ebeg accompanied by gamelan called bendhe.


Sadranan is clean procession of continued grave with kenduren. Sadranan is an ceremony form recall ancestor late by cleaning its mausoleum before execution of fasting in Ramadhan. In Baturraden activity usually conducted by mausoleum of Petilasan.



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